Photos of expectant mothers by Imagethirst, London photography studio.

Elegant and tasteful pregnancy photography

Celebrating the miracle of birth and the arrival of your much-loved child often starts with carefully orchestrated pregnancy photography. The empathetic professional photographers at Imagethirst understand that the quality of the final images depends on our own skills, but also on having a relaxed and comfortable mother-to-be! This is why we provide maternity photoshoots in our clients’ own homes, anywhere in the UK.

In a familiar, safe setting, you are far more likely to set aside your inhibitions and fears to enjoy a joy-filled pregnancy photoshoot. Whether that is to create discrete and private pregnancy images for you and your partner or to capture this glorious moment in your life to share with family and friends.

We have also been commissioned to take tasteful gender reveal photography that incorporates both partners and puts the baby bump front and centre!

After we visit your home (you can also come to our London photographic studio for pregnancy images), you get a flawless set of prints to choose from, as well as a great range of ways to display maternity photography to good effect.

The session and prints will be tailored to your own ideas, personality and preferences, but there’s one common denominator in all our pregnancy photoshoots. They always capture your memories and emotions brilliantly as a snapshot in time that will make you smile for years to come.

Can my other children feature in my maternity photoshoot?

You benefit from our expertise and creativity, but you are in control! If you would like up to five family members blended into photos to celebrate your pregnancy, we would be delighted to suggest wonderful poses that bring out all the joy!

What can I expect from my pregnancy photoshoot?

  • Every shoot starts with a friendly chat with our knowledgeable and talented team.
  • We gather your thoughts, any special requests and also get a feel for any concerns you may have.
  • At your home, our professional and empathetic photographer puts you at ease so that you feel supported and confident.
  • Throughout our visit, your private pregnancy photography session will be conducted with the utmost professionalism, including equipment and props that are carefully cleaned for each task.
  • We only suggest poses and props that are appropriate and safe for mothers-to-be.
  • By creating and sustaining an enjoyable pregnancy photoshoot, we capture natural, relaxed images.
  • You choose from photographs that are a true reflection of your personality and this wondrous journey.

Why come to Imagethirst for pregnancy photography?

Browse our portfolio and testimonials to see for yourself why we’re such a highly recommended photographer for pregnancy images.

Our reputation for creative private photography is rooted in advanced technology and the latest equipment. However, one of the main reasons we receive positive reviews for maternity photography is what happens beyond the camera!

Our ethos is to make each mother feel comfortable and confident, so her personal beauty shines out. These will be pregnancy photographs you will be proud of and images you can use as a personal window back to the happiness of this time in your life.

Our friendly, high-calibre photographers have plenty of experience in helping mothers-to-be shine through their maternity images while setting up photo sessions in private residences efficiently. So, we only need one to two hours to capture your pregnancy superbly.

Please keep in mind that our reputation is growing fast. You are strongly advised to book a photography session for pregnancy images as early as possible to choose just the right moment you would like us to immortalise.

What other photography sessions are available with Imagethirst?

As we give pregnant women confidence and calm to capture the best of themselves, we frequently get commissioned for new born and baby photography too!

In fact, the high quality and creative service we provide is available for parents for years to come. Therefore, marking each milestone in your son or daughter’s development. Apart from the comfort and safety you can feel from having the same photographer capture your important moments, it also makes it possible for us to theme our work. For example, we can capture a baby bump in one spot in your home and use the same backdrop to wonderfully capture that child’s early years.

To discuss this and any other ideas and preferences for tasteful, discrete and unique pregnancy photography, don’t hesitate to get in touch.