Newborn and Babies Photography. Photos of babies by Imagethirst, London photography studio.

Newborn and Babies Photography

The first few hours and days of a child’s life can bring a heady mixture of joy, contentment, and anxiety to new parents. You may well want to commission newborn and babies photography without having the disruption of a studio visit.

That’s why Imagethirst has developed our highly responsive and carefully orchestrated photography services for new parents. We visit your home – anywhere in the UK or beyond – to set up the ideal photoshoot for a small infant.

This puts both your baby and you fully at ease, while we capture creative and unique images of your son or daughter!

You can also rely on our photographic expertise to produce flawless, truly stunning prints for you to choose from. We take photographs that reflect the individuality of your child and capture memories and emotions wonderfully.

Can I have more family with my baby in our new born photography session?

We would be happy to include up to five family members in tenderly managed and creative poses.

What can I expect from my new born photoshoot?

  • Our versatile and creative team will come to your home, bringing all the equipment needed for the best baby photography.
  • Your professional and empathetic photographer will support your baby and you throughout your session. The best shots will be created if you all feel comfortable and well cared for!
  • Your vision, ideas and preferences will be added to our own creative photographic talents.
  • Your new born photoshoot will be subject to the highest possible safeguarding controls, including equipment that’s carefully cleaned.
  • We use only approved positioning and handling techniques for small infants to soothe and relax them.
  • The welfare of your child will continue to be the primary focus of a baby photoshoot, while we set up poses that suit their own unique features.
  • Gentle use of clean, fresh props and fabrics will create a series of delightful baby image options.
  • You will get images that are natural, enchanting and a true reflection of your infant’s uniqueness!
  • Select your favourites, and then commission framed baby photographs or another keepsake from our London studio or online.

Why choose Imagethirst for newborn and babies photography?

The level of expertise we have reached in our craft is clear to see in our portfolio. We use the latest equipment and techniques to guarantee a superb set of prints from any assignment we undertake. However, it’s often our skills beyond the camera that sets us apart for new born photography!

This includes providing you with high calibre photographers who are easy to talk to and who ensure that your baby and you feel safe and relaxed throughout our visit.

We use our experience and expertise to carefully manage new born and baby photography in as little as one to two hours, to minimise disruption to their routine.

Much of our confidence and calm comes from our extensive experience of photographing babies and children. There really is nothing that can phase our professional team. We are fully aware that each child is an individual, and anything can happen during at-home photography sessions!

As we are such a highly recommended photographer for new born and baby photography, our services are in demand. Especially as we travel across the globe to meet the needs of discerning parents who want the best possible images of their child.

So, we do advise that you book an at-home professional photography session for a new born while you are still pregnant to avoid disappointment if we don’t have dates available.

What other photography sessions are available through Imagethirst?

You can book a professional photographic session in the privacy of your own home for any reason, including marking special occasions or simply to capture the passing of time in your child’s life. Examples include their first day at nursery, a birthday, a visit from a loved one or their first tooth fairy visit!

From beautiful baby bump photographs and new born images to the day that your child starts school, the choice is yours!

We capture all the wonder and emotion of every moment so you can forever ‘frame’ and treasure it. Contact our team today to learn more.